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Nuclear Physics Physics


How to find the age of charcoal?

A piece of charcoal used for cooking is found at the remains of an ancient campsite. A 1.00-kg sample of carbon from the wood has an activity equal to 5.00 x 10² decays per min ute. Find the age of... more
Nuclear Physics Decay Particle Physics


Writing Alpha, Beta and Gamma decay equations

How do you write the alpha,beta and gamma decay equations for 198Rn86?   Our teacher didn't teach us how to write alpha,beta and gamma decay equations. However, I want to learn it before my... more
Nuclear Physics Chemisty Fission And Fussion


why are fusion reactions not currently used to produce energy,

especially as they are a "clean" form of energy that does not create radioactive or nuclear byproducts?
Nuclear Physics E=mc^2 Fission Fusion


Where does the mass to energy conversion take place?

As I understand, the nuclear bomb "little boy" detonated over Hiroshima converted about the mass of a paper clip into energy during the explosion. Now, as far as I understand what was going on,... more

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