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How can fresh cavities form at the margins of sliver amalgam fillings on teeth?

Silver amalgam fillings predominantly contain silver a known bactericidal agent and mercury which a known toxin and has bactericidal property. So how is it that the plaque bacteria survive near the... more


Why don't teeth glow?

Hydroxyapatite is the main component of tooth enamel. It contains phosphorus in the form of phosphates, pyrophosphates etc. that are found to exhibit the the property of phosphorescence. But why... more


Why do rodents' teeth continue to grow?

Why do rodents' teeth continue to grow? Enamel formation and/or root formation continue throughout rodents' lives. What's the mechanism that causes this?

What is the evolutionary reason behind the fragility of teeth?

Almost all organs in the human body have a rather large threshold within which the organ or tissue is capable of repairing itself using materials supplied by the body, whether it's made from... more
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Why does your gum hurt when your widsom teeth start to grow in?

My wisdom tooth just stared to grow in last Thursday.  I was wondering why. Please answer.

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