3 Answered Questions for the topic chem 103


Finding the difference in solubility

Consider the solubility of Ca(OH)2 in each of the following solutions. For each solution, indicate whether the Ca(OH)2 solubility will increase, decrease, or not change as compared to the... more


Finding the Ksp value of Ca(OH)2

A student determined the solubility of Ca(OH)2 in 0.200 M CaCl2 as 0.0026 mol/L. Calculate the Ksp value for Ca(OH)2 using these data. I found this to be =7.03E-8, but it says that I have entered... more

Calorimetry: How to Find Heat Lost?

In Part 1 of the lab you will test how well a coffee cup calorimeter matches the ideal case. You will do this by adding a known mass of warmer than room temperature water (at a known temperature)... more

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