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Your base salary will be $83,000 with an additional 85$/shift. You work 7 shifts per 2 weeks. what is year annual salary?

Your base salary will be $83000 with an additional 85$/shift. You work 7 shifts per 2 weeks. what is year annual salary?
Business Math


business math with applications

Jerod Powell a summer employee at Dairy Dip ice cream,worked 40 hours this week and earned $8.25 an hiur .Deduction included social security of 20.46 federal in come tax 36.00, Medicare tax of... more
Business Math


In 2015, the price of a business math text rose to $150. This is 7% more than the 2014 price. What was the old selling price?

I don't understand how to figure this out
Business Math


the price of an LG flat-screen tv dereased by 1/2. if the orinigal price was $2,400, what's the price today?

help me understand better how to solve this problem
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How would I calculate what percentage is his in the order and what his cut and my cut from the order is?

I have an order that has items that are sold by and on behalf of a another. his items give him 90% of the profit.   For example:   46x my items = $1 each 54x customer items = $1 each (10% goes... more
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Need help on this question

rons job pays 45,300 in annual wages and 31% of annual wages in benefits. His job expences are estimated to be 3,300 a year. Ron interveiwrd for another job that pays $47,000 in yearly wages.... more


Math elasticity of demand word problem below.

A study of demand for air travel in Australia found that the demand (q) for discount air travel from Sydney to Melbourne depends on the airfare according to the equation q=55.2-.022p, where p is... more
Business Math


Expense split

I have 400.00 to split between 5 departments.Split based on beds1 dept has 6 bed2 dept has 10 beds3 dept has 24 bed4 dept has 18 beds5 dept has 23 beds
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Find P if R = 36% B = 400

Find P if R = 36% B = 400
Business Math


fraction word problem

A fishing boat uses 12_3/4 gallons of fuel on a full-day fishing trip and 7_1/8 gallons of fuel on a half-day trip. Find the total number of gallons of fuel used in 28 full-day trips and 16... more
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Thomas Lasorda works for Philly Pizzeria and is paid biweekly. His annual salary is $45,650 and he is paid time and a half for any hours worked over 80 in a biw

Thomas Lasorda works for Philly Pizzeria and is paid biweekly. His annual salary is $45,650 and he is paid time and a half for any hours worked over 80 in a biweekly period. During this payroll... more
Business Math


What is the lump sum?

Find the lump sum deposited today that will yield the same total amount as payments of $14,000 at the end of each year for 13 years, at an interest rate of 6% compounded annually
Business Math


Help me with this math problem please

A P2000 loan was originally made at 8% simple interest for 4 years. at the end of this period the loan was extended for 3 years, without the interest being paid, but the new interest rate was made... more
Business Math


The net invoice price of a wall clock is P287.00. If the discount granted was 18%. Find: Net invoice price rate List price Discount

This is all about Trade Discount
Business Math


Jane takes a job that pays strictly on commission. She will receive 3% commission on all sales. She wants to make $95,600 year what would her sales be

 I am learning about percents. Not sure if I am supposed to use the percentage formula or even if I divide or multiply
Business Math


Thomas borrowed $5500 at 5% for 18 mouths .Find the APR on the installment loan.

How much percentage rate is he paying and what is APR . 
Business Math


y, the store has total sales of $4,188.25. Of the total, $362.50 was from coffee drinks. How much of the total was from books and other items?

Lois McBryde owns a chain of very large, upscale bookstores. She decides to start selling coffee drinks such as espresso and cappuccino at one of her stores. During the first day, the store has... more
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word problems

Jimmy comfort was interested in pursing a second career after retiring from the military.  he signed up with Twitter to help network with individuals in his field.  Within 1 week he received an... more
Business Math


closing price per share

calculate the closing price per share to the nearest whole number American Express earnings per share is 3.85 and the price earning ratio is 26 have to show work
Business Math


Ryan neal bought 1200 shares of Ford at 15.98 per share. Assume a commission of 2% of the purchase price. What is the total cost to Ryan

Need to show work and round to the nearest 10th.  Not sure about word problems came up with a few different ways of doing this but unsure if I am doing it the right way or not.
Business Math


A loan requires that the 4% interest be compounded monthly for 5 years. Find the number of compounding periods

please help me with this it makes no sense to me
Business Math


business math help

Dan's Drive-in sells twice the number of burgers that are sold at Sally's Sandwich Shop. together they sold 1356 burgers last week. How many burgers were sold at Dan's last week?
Business Math


business math question

Dixon has found a new building where management will build to suit. He needs five times the floor space for his show room as for storage. Show room space is $1.15 per square foot and storage space... more

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