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Solving business related equations sells iPod Nanos for $190 and iPod Shuffles for $80. Last week it sold three times as many Shuffles as Nanos. Combined sales totaled $3,440. How many Nanos and Shuffles did it sell?

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Hey Shavonne -- package the N and 3S at 190+240 = 430 ... 10 packs for 4300 ...
9 packs for 3870 ... 8 packs for 3440 ==> 8 nanos and 24 shuffles ... Regards :)
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Last week it sold three times as many Shuffles as Nanos.
the amounts sold are going to be your x's, since you have no clue or anything about nanos, make that X
You sold three times as many shuffles so make that your 3x
the total sales come from multiplying the price for each by the number sold
so for the nano
190 times x
for the shuffle
80 times 3x
for total sales, add everything up and set it equal to 3440
190x + (80)3x = 3440
190x + 240x =3440
430x = 3440   <-- divide by 430
x = 8, now make sure you actually answer the question thats being asked
so you have 8 nanos and 24 suffles