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Estimated the trend value by 4 yearly moving averages method for the following data:

Estimated the trend value by 4 yearly moving averages method for the following data:Year 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Value 12 18 26 32 40 60 76 94 100 108 98 90
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In a genetic surey, the data of height of fathers (in cms) and height of sons (in CMS) were collected. Data are as follows

In a genetic surey, the data of height of fathers (in cms) and height of sons (in CMS) were collected. Data are as follows:Father 165 166 167 167 168 169 171 173 170 166Son 167 168 164 168 171 170... more
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The selling price of lumber at Home Depot is $4,000, percent markup on cost is 30%. Calculate the actual cost. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)

business math markup and mark downs chapter  
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Simple Word Problem:

A boy purchased? (bought) a? party-length sandwich 5050 in. long. He wants to cut it into three pieces so that the middle piece is 66 in. longer than the shortest piece and the shortest piece is 88... more
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Finding the maximum selling price on which the bank would pay

Third Federal Bank is in a national search for a new Director of Human Resources. The recruiting budget is $30,000. So far, the bank has spent $8,600 on advertising and $7,650 on interviewing. The... more
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How much interest does $ 1,000 earn in three months at an interest rate of 6%, compounded quarterly? What is the balance after three months?

This math problem is from a business math class and there teaching us semiannual compounding right now 
Business Math


if v=15+2t^2, find the distance travelled from t=1 to t=2

im in college business math 2 and my professor doesnt use books so this can be one of the integrating formulas  
Business Math


Hamilton khaki multi-touch watch the cost is $450 markup 30% what is the dollar markup and selling price/

amilton khaki multi-touch watch the cost is $450 markup 30% what is the dollar markup and selling price?
Business Math


How to plug in 3/4 of a year?

We are doing compounded and interest. It is quarterly and only 3/4 of a year. We don't know how to plug in 3/4 of a quarterly year into the equation. 
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Solve for x
Business Math


account balance is $514. Annual Rate of Interest is 5 3/4%. Interest Period: semiannual. How much is the interest?

How do I figure out the interest?
Business Math


Finance Charge of $5.75 per $100 for 9 payments. whats the annual percentage rate?

Me and my teacher been at this for a good hour and every time we looked in the textbook it still gave us the wrong answer so we need assistance plaaassss
Business Math


Solve the following application problem. Murray’s Music sells a guitar for $349.85 while using a markup of 21% on cost. Find the cost.

When I solve this problem, I somehow got the wrong answer even though I looked in the textbook for step by step. Still go the wrong answer. 
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principal balance at the end of 2years?

Hi would greatly appreciate anyone to go through and show me how to get the answer algebraically. Teacher just confuses me.   Shawna recieved a student loan of $30000 at 6%compounded monthly. If... more
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Contribution Margin

Alberta Oilseed Co. processes rapeseed to produce canola oil and rapeseed meal.The company can process up to 20,000 tonnes of rapeseed per year. Thecompany pays growers $800 per tonne, and each... more
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how do I find what 9000e equals

how do I put 9000e into my Ti84 or find out what it equals  
Business Math


Compute the totals that would appear on her employee's earnings record for the quarter.

Rose White's earning record shows thirteen weeks of consistent earnings and deductions for the first quarter as follows: Weekly wage $545, Federal Income tax withholding $66.31, Social Security... more
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850 Douglas fir and ponderosa pine trees in forest boughtpaid an average of $300 for each D fir and $225 for each P pine. (Full prob in description)

Please show in equation form how to solve this story problem.    There are 850 Douglas fir and Ponderosa Pine trees in a section of forest bought by Sawz Logging Co. The company paid $300 for... more
Business Math


What is the percent of income spent on lottery tickets by a person who makes 15,500 a year and spends 550 on tickets annually

The person makes 15,500 a year and spends 46 dollars a month which is roughly 550 a year 
Business Math


Last month a store sold 5 times as many stereos as radios. If the total quantity of these two items sold was 156, how many radios did the store sell?

business math, solve the equation for for x
Business Math


In April 2011, gas was selling for $3.54 a gallon. The price of a gallon of regular unleaded dropped to $3.48 on May 26, 2011. What was the percent decrease?

Need help solving this problem ive been stuck on this one and about of others for I minute now please help
Business Math Equations


Understand the example but not this question, other than by common sense.

A scale drawing of an office building is not labeled, but indicates 1/4 inch = 5 feet. On the drawing, one wall measures 2 inches. How long is the actual wall?
Business Math


What is the number of equal withdrawals that he can make?

When Mr. Hong retires, he would have 500000 in his accounts which pays interest at 3% compounded monthly. He plans to withdraw 3000 every month for his expenses, beginning one month after he... more

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