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Algebra Help


-13x+8y=-6 3x-4y=2

using elimination or substitution 
Algebra Help Linear Equations


solve the problem 4x+5y=8

4x+5y=-8 x+2y=-8 what type of system is this?
Algebra Help


what type of system is x+y=11 and what is the answer

3x+3y=6 2x+y=2 what type of system is this?
Algebra Help


solve these problems

x+y=11 y=2x-1 what type of system is this?
Algebra Help Fractions


how do you multiply fractions?

I would like to know how to multiply / divide, and add / subtract fractions please
Algebra Help


solve for X: x/2+x/6=2

solve for X in the equation
Algebra Help Word Problem


When will the hare catch the tortoise?

a hare runs 50 ft/sec and a tortoise who is 1000 ft ahead of the hare runs 0.25 ft/sec. Assuming they both start at time t=0, what will be the value of t when the hare finally catches up?
Algebra Help Algebra Equations


solve for y: y/5-2/5=1/3-y

I am trying to help my student, but have been out of school since 1985. I don't remember how to do this problem.
Algebra Help


3x + 4 = 7

Solving a linear equation refers to the process of determining the solution set.Given the equation 3x + 4 = 7, will there ever be more than one solution for x?What is the solution to this equation?... more
Algebra Help


a fax machine is 446.40 with tax, tax is 8 percentage, what is the cost price

a fax machine is $446.40 with tax. the tax is 8%, how to find the cost price of the fax machine before price?  
Algebra Help


I just used your equation calculator and now I am more confused there were additional "+" signs and I don't k=know how they got there. Please help.

the equation was 3+2[10(7*5-30)-40] and it bacame 3+2[10(35+ -30)+ -40] Why? and How?
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