4 Answered Questions for the topic Algebra 1 Word Problem Answer

Algebra 1 Word Problem Answer


The Shirley Temple drink is made with a ratio of eight parts of ginger ale to one part grenadine syrup, How much is needed to make a 12 ounce Shirley Temple?

Algebra proportions word problems
Algebra 1 Word Problem Answer Math Algebra 1 Algebra Help


A barge travelled 17.5 miles upstream in 7 hours. The return trip took 5 hours. What is the speed of the barge in still water?

Question on Algebra EOC Practice. I have been trying to solve this for awhile, can't figure it out. Please help.
Algebra 1 Word Problem Answer


In a problem about the number of coins of different denominations, would an answer that is a fraction be reasonable? Would a negative answer be reasonable?

Just a word problem I can't seem to figure out
Algebra 1 Word Problem Answer


The area of a rectangular granite countertop is 12xsquared+10x-12. The width of the countertop is 2x+3. What is he length of the countertop

algebra 1 word problem answered 

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