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y=1/2x-4 coordinate plane

y=1/2x-4 in coordinate plane

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Anderson J. | Proof that you don't have to be a genius to understand PhysicsProof that you don't have to be a genius...

Are you just looking for a way to graph the equation?

If so then its a good idea to start with the y intercept. y = 1/2(0) - 4 = 4, so (0,4) is the y intercept

Because the slope of the line is 1/2 the next points I am going to suggest that you plot are points where x is an even number (this will be the easiest way to make a "nice graph" i.e. on without fractions) the x values I suggest are -6,-4, -2, 2,4,6 etc....

using those six x values the points you should get, respectively are:

(-6,-7) (-4,-6) (-2,-5) (2,-3) (4,-2) (6,-1)

I hope this helped