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what does 87.48 round up to?





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2 Answers

1. There is confusion with the question because of the inclusion of the word "up". That word is not typically included in a math question of this type. If you take that word out, it changes the question entirely.

2. The answer depends entirely upon this question: What place value are you rounding to? If you are rounding to the nearest tens, then the answer is 90. If you are rounding to the nearest ones, then the answer is 87, assuming that the word "up" is removed from the question.

3. If "up" is a legitimate part of the question, then the only answer that makes sense is 90.


Based on the choices, you are rounding to an integer.

Rounding up means to take the smallest answer above what you are rounding.

Now ask yourself, which of these is the smallest integer higher than 87.48?