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What is 3/4(Square Root of 45)?

Change each radical to simplest radical form

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think of this...what is 3/4 of do you solve this? what is the answer? lets do a simple one

What is 1/2 of 100?   let's multiply 1/2 and 100     so      1/2 x 100  which is 1/2 x  100/1...correct??

 we know the answer is 50, right? we get this by multiplying 1 times 100...the numerator and 2 times 1,

the denominator...correct? now we have 100/2...correct? do you see? just complete the division operation,

which is 100 ÷ 2 = 50   correct?

now you do your problem...3/4 x √45      which is the same as 3/4 x √45/1...

now you have    3 x √45/4 x 1     so simplify   3√45/4...complete the operation...try more problems

the more you work the easier they will become


The square root of 45 should be simplified to 3v5 in the final answer.