Raven S.

asked • 01/13/23

Identify all anatomical structures related to and/or that are being affected based on the patient case information. (i.e. tissues, organs, vessels, brain components, membranes)

  1. Explain how the anatomical structures and their physiological function/dysfunction are interrelated normally and what is going wrong with the structures in this current patient case information.
  2. Identify and explain possible a diagnosis and what can be done to fix or reverse the current situation described in the patient case information. Please be specific and detailed.

Patient Case #1

The patient is a 17 year old male with a 2-3 year

history of not feeling well, tiredness, and rapid

growth. While most of his friends are interested in

sex, he just doesn’t seem to care. He has little body

hair, and has never shaved.

He is now exhibiting blurred vision, TMJ (temporal

mandibular joint) pain and frequent headaches. He

also has trouble with swelling in his right knee.

Preliminary observations:

Height: 6’ 4”

Weight 160 lbs

Blood pressure: 100/70 mmHg

Patient #1: Test Results

Thyroid hormone levels: low

Testosterone levels: low

Cortisol levels: low

Growth hormone levels: high

Glucose: normal

Knee tap: 500 cc fluid, indicating inflammation

Stanton D.

Start with the growth hormone excess. That and joint inflammation would point to a pituitary tumor, wouldn't it? Now why, if I have no medical background but can figure that out, didn't you clue in the same way? These case histories are going to get more involved and require more reasoning skills, time to get your "game up to par"? Just sayin'.


Stanton D.

OK, perhaps "game up to par" was too harsh, I apologize. Bet I am older than you, probably. Did you concur with the diagnosis (of the patient), by the way?


1 Expert Answer


Alex A. answered • 01/13/23

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EMS Supervisor - Critical Care Medic

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