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can you help me with a quick math problem please

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4 Answers

You know that there are 7 days in one week.  The total amount of food the tiger eats in 1 week is equal to how much he eats in 1 day x 7 days.  So 95 = 7x, where x is the #of lbs of food eaten in 1 day.  Divide both sides by 7 and you get x = 13.57.  So the tiger eats about 13.6 lbs of meat in 1 day

Hi Meghan answered your question quite efficiently however  -- If you are not used to doing algebraic expressions the simple explanation is to:
divide 95 (pounds per week) by 7 (days in one week)  ...  
95/7 = 13.57 = 13.6  or  14 pounds per day. 

In answer to your question about changing a decimal with a zero at the end to a fraction, please see my example, and then I will explain it:  .90=90/100

The first number to the right of the decimal is in the tenth place, and the second number, or in this case, a zero, is in the hundredth place.  So, when changing a decimal into a fraction, it will look similar to my example.

First, find the key words that tell you what this problem is asking, that way you are not distracted by all the other words.  Key words would be: 95 pounds, 1 week (7 days), ? pounds in 1 day ?.  Simplify it more: pounds divided by days in a week = pounds in a day.  Fill in the words with #'s.   95 divided by 7 = 13.57.  *Remember the word "About" means to round the answer so...13.57 turns into 13.6 pounds eaten in one day!