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what is the relatinship between the base and height of triangle if base is b and height is b-4

i am supposed to answer what is the relationship between the base b and height b-4


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4 Answers

The ratio of the base to height is    b/b-4 . 

No matter what number b represents the angles in the triangle will be the same, because the ratio, or relationship between the base and the height will stay the same. 

The length of a right triangle's sides determine the triangle's angles.  

I believe this relationship can be expressed as h=b-4 or b=h+4.  In either case,  knowing the numerical value of the variable on the right hand side of the equation gives you the numerical value of the variable on the leftt hand side of the equation.


The height of the triangle is 4 less than its base.

Since the height is b-4, the base is greater than the height by 4 units. For example, if your base is 10 units, your height will be 10-4 = 6 units. The base, 10, is 4 units greater than the height, 6.