Lia D.

asked • 11/26/21

help needed. thank you!

  1. (Question not related to a deck of 52 cards.) You have 5 blue cards, 4 red, and 6 green in a box. If you draw two cards from the box with replacements, find P(Blue and Green).
  2. Two six sided die are rolled. What is the probability that the sum will be less than 10?
  3. A group consists of 3 people. If 11 people are able to be in a group, how many different groups can be made?

Mark M.

What help do you want. Each of these is calculated using standard formulas.


Lia D.

Just help with getting each one started then I can figure them out from there.


2 Answers By Expert Tutors


Raymond B. answered • 11/28/21

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Math, microeconomics or criminal justice

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