Divine M.

asked • 07/23/21

Prove the trig identities

3, 9 and 7. Use the above numbers to prove only three of these trig identities.

sin x/ 1 + cos x = 1 - cos x/sin x

1/ 1 + Cos x = csc^2 x - cot x/sinx x

-sin x - cos x cot x= - csc x

1 + tan x/ 1 + cot x = tan x

Andrew D.

What is meant by "the above numbers?" Also, please write out the equations a bit more clearly (eg: using parentheses, etc.)


Patrick B.

I did all 4 of them. Take the proofs and go. The directions don't make sense


Patrick B.

You have been given for what you have asked, with explanation. These problems are solved. Which ones actually need solved is YOUR decision. Do not post again. You will receive the same response. You may ask about anything you do not understand. I will tutor. Good luck


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Patrick B. answered • 07/23/21

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