Brandon A.

asked • 10/01/12

I am having problems with variables on both sides. I get most of the concepts but I need help with adding fractions into the equations.

I am one of the only seventh graders in an algebra 1 class she is basing her lessons on what the eighth graders learned last year in pre-algebra. My teacher calls the equations many different things and she is confusing me.

Tamara J.

is there a specific problem you can post to use as an example for clarifying any questions you may have...?  



Nicole C.

I am just going to address this part of what you said: "My teacher calls the equations many different things and she is confusing me"

When I come across a teacher that seems to use a lot of different ways to say this same things I create a a sheet of paper for their sayings. I draw like 4 boxes on the page and in one box I will put any sayings that actually mean the same thing.

I'm using this as an example and it is meant to be a little weird. You could put all of these into the same box:  soda, pop, coke, brown bubbly liquid, sweet brownish drink.

Where a math box might have all of these in there: multiply by the reciprocal, divide by the fraction, flip and multiply, flip and cross cancel.




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Helga M. answered • 10/01/12

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Catherine G. answered • 05/13/13

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