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what is the value of the digit 5 in 50,143

trying to figure out how to vlaue the digits in numbers

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To figure out the value you have to look at all of the numbers from right to left.  You start with the ones place and get prgressively bigger going up by a multiple of 10 each time.  So you have the ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, etc.  In the number in your example, you have 3 ones, 4 tens (or 40), 1 hundred or (100), 0 thousands, and 5 ten thousands (50, 000).  You can write the number in expanded form to help you figure out the value.  50,000 + 100 + 40 +3.  


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Firstly, take a close look at the number in question - 50, 143. To know what the 5 is worth, you first need to figure out its place in the number. If we work from right to left,

- the 3 is in the 1's spot so is worth 3,

- the four is in the 10's spot so is worth 40,

- the 1 is in the 100's spot so is worth 100,

- the 0 is the 1,000's spot, so there are no 1,000's,

- Lastly, the 5 is in the 10,000's spot so is worth 50,000.

With questions like this, the key is to taking it slow, if you rush, there is a huge chance you will give a number the wrong classification.


A little confusing, at best.