Kelly H.

asked • 03/16/21

pH values of solution x

Please help me with this quesions! I feel I have an overall understanding of everything but I am having trouble applying it to these...

A student prepares a solution (Solution X) by dissolving 0.045 mol of HA and 0.072 mol of NaA into a beaker containing pure water.

  1. NaA is fully soluble in water and forms Na+ (aq) and A (aq) ions.
  2. If the total volume of solution X is 150.0 mL and the Ka of HA = 1.9 x 10-6, calculate the pH value of Solution X at 25oC.

Suppose we now add 0.020 mol of the strong acid HCℓ to Solution X.

  1. How many moles of HA will be present at equilibrium after the HCℓ was added?
  2. How many moles of A will be present at equilibrium after the HCℓ was added?

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