Emily C.

asked • 03/03/21

Geometryyyyyyyyyyyy help plzzzz

The diagram below models the layout at a carnival where G, R, P, C, B, and E are various locations on the grounds. GRPC is a parallelogram.

Parallelogram GRPC with point B between C and P forming triangle GCB where GC equals 350 ft, CB equals 300 ft, and GB equals 400 ft, point E is outside parallelogram and segments BE and PE form triangle BPE where BP equals 200 ft.

Part A: Identify a pair of similar triangles.

Part B: Explain how you know the triangles from Part A are similar.

Part C: Find the distance from B to E and from P to E. Show your work.

Will you please help me?!? I don't get how to do it. I know Part A and B, but not C. I just don't get what to do because only one side is given for that triangle. If you would help that would mean a lot because I really wanna understand this in some way. Thank you so much in advance.

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Emily C.

I put this... what do you think....Triangles GBC and BEP are similar. Triangles GBC and BEP are similar because G and E cross each other on line CP. B is the intersection point making it known as the "midpoint".  Looking at the similar figure I would say that PE would be rounded to 250 to stay similar with GBC. Line BC and Line BP become the ratio 2/3 it is 233. 233.3 would be the exact amount, but I would say it's 250 to stay in similarity with GBC. Be is 200 because it is the same length as BP, when multiplied by the ratio 2/3. 


Emily C.

I think I messed it up


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