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Michael R.

asked • 10/27/20

"The Town Campus" or "Town Campus"


I am having a disagreement with my co-workers on how to refer to our multi-location Church. Our Church has two campuses; our Town Campus (Located within Town) and our Orchard Campus (Next to an Orchard).

We are wondering if it ok grammatically to state "I am heading to Town Campus", or, is "the" required in the title of the location, therefore it would only be acceptable as "I am heading to the Town Campus". One side believes that only using "the" is acceptable, meanwhile the other side believes both are acceptable ways of conveying this information.

In summary, it is acceptable to refer to our Town or Orchard Campus without using "the" before the title?


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Michael R.

Hi Zen! Thanks for the reply, I believe in our context the actual official title of the building are "Town Campus" and "Orchard Campus", and thus they would require "the" before the location. There was defence against this among our group that some people justified you could refer to proper-noun locations without the use of "the" for instances such as "I'm going to town hall", where both parties knew of the location and therefore did not need "the" to specify it. Somewhere in the realm of "I'm going to school" as well. Thanks for your answer!!


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