Shahad A.

asked • 08/27/20

Calculus 1 confusing me

Fill in the blank with "all", "no", or "some" to make the following statements true.

Note: if answer is "all", explain why.

if your answer is "no", give an example and explain

if your answer is "some", give two examples that demonsrate when the statement is true and when it is false. explain.

(a) For real numbers x, (x + 2)^4 = x^4 + 16.

(b) For real numbers x, sqrt(x^4 + 8x^2 + 16) = x^2 + 4.

(c) For real numbers x, if (x + 2)(x − 3) = 2, then x + 2 = 2 and x − 3 = 2.

(d) For functions f and g, if f and g are both even functions, then f + g is even.

(e) For values of k, x, and y, if x < y, then kx < ky where k is a constant.

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Harsh P. answered • 08/28/20

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Shahad A.

Hello Keith, Thank you for this! But for part B, it's a square root of (x^4+8x^2+16) Sorry about that.


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