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Asked • 08/18/20

Composition Of Functions Proof

Hey, I need help with the following questions if anybody can help. Solutions + reason why would be very helpful too. Thanks in advance!

Composition of functions Proof Exercise



f(x) and g(x) are inverses of each other, and that h(x) relates to r(x) such that h(r)=g(x). 

Simplify the expression (PROVE)


2) Now given that you have theoretically proved this, make up actual functions for f, g, h, and r, to show that the proof works for a specific example and show all of your work. 

3) given f(2)=6 evaluate through a proof. 


4) After theoretically showing the result above, again, make up functions f, g, h, and r to show that the proof actually works for a specific situation. Show all work. 

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John B.

If possible, can you also help with number 4


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