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Stratton K.

asked • 08/18/20

Rational expression questions

Premise: the first two questions were to simplify ((1/x+3)+(6/x^2+4x+3))*(x+3)/(x+1), and then explain how I got there (which I did). I got the answer of (x+7)/(x+1)^2. The questions I am not sure how to answer are the following:

• Are there any values "x" cannot be? Explain.

• Find the values of "x" that make the expression equal to 0. Explain the steps you would use to find these values.

Any help is appreciated!

Tracy D.

The answer to are there any values "x" cannot be is obtained when you set original denominators equal to zero and solve for x. These are the values X cannot be, so in this case: x cannot be equal to -3 or -1. I hope that makes sense (you cannot divide by zero).


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