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Identifying the error

According to the answer key, underlined words have the error. Change the error to correct the grammar. If some of the answer key is wrong, explain

1. One of the crucial isues taken on at the conference is the transfer of technology of the industrialized nations to be the developing countries.

2. According to a United Nations report, many victims of human rights violations remain uncompensated for the sufferings they experienced during the dictatorship.

3. The members of the committee, which have been assigned to study the problem, are rendering services free of charge.

4. The average working individual is the first to suffer when the take-home pay isn't barely enough to meet the daily needs of one's family.

5. Alexander the Great was at the height of power when he died; thus are the mighty lain in low.

6. There have been recent additions to the library such as new books and magazines dealing with science.

7. Rafael wishes to be employed, but neither the salary nor the work itself offer any inducement to him.

8. The Labor Secretary will meet representatives of the entertainment industry tomorrow to discuss problems affecting the working conditions of Filipino workers abroad.

9. The people are willing to pay their taxes as long as they see that such payments result to better service.

10. We his friends, did not learn about that he is being promoted until this morning.

11. He is the kind of a statemen who distinguishes himself when called upon in difficult situations.

12. The bright fiberglass sculptures of Luis Jimenez has received critical claim not only in his home state, New Mexico, but also in New York.

13. The decision that has just been agreed with by the committee members should serve as a basis for their work in the years to come.

14. The year-long conflict among the two student factions remains unsettled despite the warnings from school authorities.

15. Transportation, the vital link that brings people and places together, is one of the factors that speed up a country's progress.

16. The importance of broadening the base of participation at the local level is recognized and the structure of local governments are now undergoing study and revision.

17. The latest technology has to do with two rice croppings during the rainy season, when before only one crop is grown.

18. Government officials and employees are expected to lead modest lives appropriate to their positions don't they?

19. Some social programs are design to affect individuals others to affect communities or an entire region.

20. The reason he was dismissed is because he was habitually late in reporting for work.

Stanton D.

Antonette M., We're not here to do your entire daily homework for you. There are various problems in spelling, punctuation, grammar, conciseness, and so forth. If you want to re-ask just a few single questions, please do so. Else, find a regular tutor using Wyzant, please, or a fellow student, etc. -- Mr. d.


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