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Asked • 07/26/20

Find the error and correct it.

1. A supervisor should pay more attention to their employees' welfare than to their performance.

2. The President, as well as the Cabinet member, refuse to endorse the bill.

3. One of the crucial issues taken on at the conference is the transfer of technology of the industrialized nations to be the developing countries.

4. If anybody objects, let them think of a better scheme rather than make fun of the proposed plan.

5. As an ambassador, he knows that whenever he is assigned he goes with his family and make friends for his countries.

6. An organization is compromised by a set of officers and subordinates including goals to achieve and resources to use in attaining these goals.

7. According to a United Nations report, many victims of human rights violations remain uncompensated for the sufferings they experienced during the dictatorship.

8. Neither Elisa nor her mother were injured severly when the car they were riding in collided with an army truck.

9. Every person, at one time or another, is called upon to make a decision, but making a decision is one of the hardest thing one must do.

10. Mr. Yasay, together with his wife and a secretary, were among the business executives who left for the United States and Europe for a business and pleasure trip.

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Robert Z.

#3 also has an extraneous "be," which should be deleted.


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