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Kara C.

asked • 04/17/20

i need to interview someone who has lived through the 60s?

here are the questions:

  1. What were your favorite songs and musicians during the 1960s? What was your favorite movie or TV shows during this time? What was your take on the events that took place at Woodstock in 1969?
  2. What are your memories of the US Presidents of the 1960s – Kennedy, LBJ, and Nixon? Who was your favorite and least favorite and why?
  3. What do you remember of JFK being assassinated? Who do you believe killed JFK? Was it just Lee Harvey Oswald or was there a bigger conspiracy going on?
  4. Did you have an awareness of the Cold War versus the Soviet Union at the time? What are your thoughts about the Cuban Missile Crisis and the possibility of nuclear war?
  5. What do you remember about the Apollo 11 mission that was the first to land on the moon? What were other impressions you had of the space race during the Cold War? 
  6. How much awareness of the current events of the Vietnam War did you have? Describe your impressions of Vietnam at the time (were you in favor of it, against it, or apathetic and why).
  7. Did you have any experiences with the Vietnam War draft or protests directly via family, friends, or where you lived? If so, describe your experiences and impressions of the draft and/or protests.
  8. What are your recollections of the news media, especially Walter Cronkite, during the 60s? Describe the coverage of the Civil Rights Movement or other important events in history that you remember from TV.
  9. Describe your experiences and impressions of the people in the Counterculture (Hippies) during the 1960s. 
  10. From your recollections, were young people in the 1960s different than previous or future generations of young people? What were some of the major similarities and differences?

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