Kim C.

asked • 04/04/20

Temperature change- algebra 1

The temperature changes of two calorimeters were monitored and recorded Calorimeter A contained 250 milliliters of water with an initial water temperature of 120°F After 10 minutes, the temperature of the water in Calorimeter A steadily decreased to 100°F Calorimeter B contained the same amount of water as Calorimeter A but its initial water temperature was 20°F The rate of the increase in water temperature in Calorimeter B was 3°F per minute.

A) Write a system of linear equations for the temperature, T °F, of the

water in Calorimeters A and B in terms of the time, t minutes.

B) After how many minutes will the temperature of the water in the two

calorimeters be the same? How do you know?

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Kevin H. answered • 04/04/20

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Mathematician, Programmer, Physicist

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