George L.

asked • 02/28/20

Grammar error questions

Find the error, correct it, and explain why it is an error.

1. Will he goes to the lake with us on Saturday?

I know the error is “goes" and the sentence should be Will he go to the lake with us on Saturday? I think the explanation is that its a subject verb agreement error but I'm not sure why

2. The dogs are my favorite kind of pet.

3. How long the storm lasted?

4. Byron is seeing Diane for three months now.

5. Brian wrote so good on the test that he doesn’t have to take the next writing class.

1 Expert Answer


Abby K.

To clarify, the above answer seems to say that "goes" is correct, since it is the singular form of go and he is singular. Note, however, that go is ONLY correct when used with he or she. You would say "I go" AND "I will go," which are both singular. This is one of those sneaky English exceptions you've heard about. The correct answer is "Will he go ...?" because of the "will." Will is the active verb here, putting this action in the future. Go describes what he will do. I could help you with the other questions if you like ...


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