Juliana R.

asked • 3d

brian has 23 coins in his pocket. All the coins are either dimes or quarters. the total value of the coins is $4.70. how many of each type of coin does brian have?

  1. Define two variables to represent the unknowns in the problem and write a system of equations to represent the problem.
  2. Solve the system of equations using the method of your choice. Show all work.
  3. Describe the meaning of this solution in terms of the original problem.

Thank you!

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John L. answered • 3d

Experienced Tutor Specializing in Adult Students and Test Prep

Juliana R.

Yes but what does the question mean by “describe the meaning of the solution in terms of the original problem”?


John L.

Your welcome. If I can be of further help, please find me on WyzAnt's list of tutors.


Juliana R.

Ok thank you


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