Eva M.

asked • 3d

Explain why some aren't exponential and some are?

Which scenario would best be modeled by an exponential growth function?

A. A babysitter who gets paid $10 per child.

B. Bacteria in a petri dish that triples every hour.

C. Water in a bucket that is evaporating by half the volume every day.

D. A worker who receives a one-time bonus of 11% of their annual salary.

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Nate T. answered • 3d

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Eva M.

thank you, I understand more now!


Carl K. answered • 3d

BS in Chemistry and Mathematics with honors, MD

Eva M.

I was wondering what (log) was? and how do you use it?


Carl K.

The 'log' function reports the exponent needed to raise 10 to in order to get the number. It is the inverse of exponentiation. log 100 = 2 asks what is the exponent of 10 that gives us the answer of 100? 10^2 =100. In this case, 10 is the base, and the exponent is 2. This is also called a common logarithm, as opposed to a natural logarithm, which uses e (2.718~) as the base. Here are a few examples: log 1000 = 3, log 10,000 = 4, log 316.227 = 2.5


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