Megan E.

asked • 6d

Separate 846 into 3 parts so that the second part is twice the first part and the third part is triple the second part. (1) 846 = x + 2x + 3x (2) 846 = x + 2x + 6x (3) 846 ÷ 3 = x + 2x + 6x

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William W. answered • 6d

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David W.

Habits (d.g.., solving for x) are very difficult to break. Answer (2) 846 = x + 2x + 6x, separates 846 into three parts without "solving for x" and without checking the solution value of x. Why go further than selecting "(2)?"


William W.

You certainly don’t have to go further than (2). I was just being complete. The student can match the explanation to the answer.


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