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Valesia S.

asked • 08/11/19

Which of the following solutions of strong electrolytes contains the largest number of ions?

50.0 mL of .175 M NaOH, 100.0 mL of .250 M BaCl2, or 250.0 mL of .050 M Na3PO4?

I would really appreciate if you could explain what to do in order to determine which solution contains the most ions--I did it a certain way and got that BaCl2 would have the most ions, but I'm not sure I did it right. Please help and thank you!!

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J.R. S.

For NaOH, you have 2 ions per formula unit giving a total 17.5 mmole ions. Similarly for BaCl2, you have 3 ions per formula unit ->75 mmoles of ions and for Na3PO4, you have 4 ions per formula unit -> 50 mmoles of ions. Since # of ions is Avogadro's number x moles, we all get the same answer but by different means (although the method wasn't provided by the O.P.).


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