Asked • 07/29/19

Biological Pathway of Lipid Hypothesis?

I've read a lot on both sides of the debate of low carb vs low fat diets trying to make some sense of what is being proposed. The lipid hypothesis runs roughly along the lines that we have lots of observational epidemiological evidence that eating a high fat diet correlates heart disease/obesity/enter disease of choice.An alternative hypothesis is that high carbohydrate diets cause these things. Since the studies haven't been done, there is not the correlation to point to. This hypothesis is believable (to some people) due to the well-understood biological pathway: Carbohydrates turn to glucose, which causes an insulin release, and insulin regulates fat storage, so high carbohydrate diets lead to weight gain (see a biochemsitry textbook for a more detailed explanation).My question is: Does the lipid hypothesis have any biological pathway for which there could be proposed a causal relation rather than just a correlation? Of all the speakers/writers on this topic, the low carb advocates always clearly describe the causal relation, whereas the low fat advocates never say *why* eating fat should cause weight gain.Note: I'm not interested in discussing the merits of the studies, but rather the proposed causal mechanism.

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Stone S. answered • 07/29/19

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