Laura K.

asked • 05/30/19

Complex Question(which contains affirmative and negative)

Dear Representative, I have a grammar question to which I cannot seem to find the answer anywhere...

I am aware that lawyers commonly use "Is it correct..." statements when interrogating witnesses and frequently the person being interrogated are expected to answer with just "yes" or "no".

If the question includes both affirmative main clause and negative subordinate clause, I would think that the responder's "yes" or "no" would be in response to the main clause, NOT the subordinate clause.

For example, suppose the question is, "Is it correct that you were not at the scene of the crime?"

If the responder wishes to answer that he/she was not at the crime scene, is it correct that this person would answer "Yes"(since the responder is answering the main clause, "is it correct")? In other words, by answering "yes", the responder is saying "Yes, you are correct that I was not at the scene of the crime." Is this right?

I would think that yes or no answers are always in response to the main clause, NOT the subordinate clause. I very much need your assistance.

Kind regards,


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Gene G. answered • 05/31/19

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