Asked • 05/14/19

Meaning/Conjugation of "servirese"?

From the prologue of Francesca Caccini's *La Liberazione di Ruggiero*:> Meco venite, e con sonore voci, /> Numi dell'acque, reverite in pace, /> Chi vinse in guerra il Moscovita e'l Trace, /> E servirese i Tartari feroci.Is "servirese" an archaic conjugation of "servire"? (Passato remoto forse?) It doesn't make grammatical sense as an infinitive + reflexive pronoun, and furthermore it is set musically so that the 3rd syllable is stressed.

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Idilia C. answered • 07/19/19

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Idilia C.

P.S. Where RESE is the 3rd person singular of the passato remoto of the verb rendere


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