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Asked • 04/10/19

Gastritis on Endoscopy

A patient undergoes a gastroscopy and it reveals atrophy in the gastric mucosa in the body and fundus. This patient has an increased risk of developing which of the following?

  1. Pernicious anemia
  2. Duodenal ulcer
  3. Increased acid secretion
  4. Decreased gastrin secretion

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Jonathan L. answered • 04/16/19

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Juan D.

Thank you for your response, Johnathan. I agree with your analysis, but I think differently about the answer 4. I think that low acid production would lead to increased gastrin secretion from G cells. This elevated gastrin would stimulate stem cells on the stomach (an attempt to compensate for the lack of parietal cells) and this overstimulation is one of the factors that increases the risk for gastric cancer in those with atrophic gastritis. Regards, Juan References


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