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solve for x 

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Rizul N. | UNC-CH Grad For Math and Science TutorUNC-CH Grad For Math and Science Tutor
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Problem: 5x+3-7(10x+3)=7

Remember: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

Step 1: Distribution always comes after parenthesis, which isn't mentioned in the acronym. Distribute 7 into the parenthesis. Also remember that to simplify and remove the parenthesis, you will have to distribute the negative (or minus sign) left after you distribute the 7. 

Step 2: Add or subtract like terms

Step 3: Solve for x

Now if you know the answer, share it with us and we'll check it. 

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Oreal...this is a good example of using PEMDAS( have to move from the left to the right) and like-terms to solve this. I'm assuming you know what PEMDAS is. I will get you started...but I won't answer the problem for you..if you understand how these problems are solved, then you will be the master. rewrite the equation 5x+3-7(10x+3)=7 so your challenge is that after either...adding, subtracting, multiplying, and/or dividing, you will end up with something like x = ? x equals something Step 1: P-Parentheses can anything be done inside the paretheses? No, because you can't add 10x and 3, so it remains 10x + 3 Step 2: E-Exponents There are no exponents...YEA...we can skip that Step 3: M-Multiply First value 5x nothing there...leave that alone Second there is a -7 next to the parenthesis and that's multiplication so multiply -7 times (10x + 3)...what do you get______? Step 4: D-Division look at the equation...not division.YEA...move along Step 5: A-Addition 5x + 3 -__x + -__ = 7 (you fill in the blanks__?__) Are there any like-terms...variables which are like terms... rearrange your equation combining the like-terms together. Then combine the constants together. There's a 5x and a __x...those are like terms(you have to find what coefficient goes in front of x) the constants...there is a 3, a negative 'something'___(you have to find that out from Step 3.)and there is a 7 on the other side of the equal sign. New equation 5x + -__x + 3 + -__ = 7 Look at your'll have to change then signs because they are negative.. rewrite 5x - __x + 3 - __ = 7 Step 6: S-Subtract Complete the subtraction I think you can take it from here...when you will have some x value and some constants. By addition or subtraction, move the variable x to one side of the equal sign and the constants to the other side. Step 7: for whatever the coefficient is for x(the whole number in front of the x variable, divide both sides by that, which will leave x alone by itself... x = complete the operation... and then you will have an answer x = something. To check if your answer is right, substitute your answer into the equation: 5x+3-7(10x+3)=7 and see if it comes out correct. If it does...then YOU ARE THE MASTER. I can find the answer for you...but this way, you learn how to do these and you won't need any more can help other. Go gettum...