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use the zero product property to solve the equation

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The Zero Product Property states that any real number multiplied by 0, will equal zero.
When given an equation like a*b=0, either a=0, b=0, or both, in order to result in zero.

To solve your equation, you must set both factors equal to zero:
d+3/4=0     and     d+5/8=0

Now you can subtract both sides of each equation to find d.

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Hi Laura,

The zero product property says that anything times zero is zero

So to make this equation equal zero, either (d+3/4) or (d+5/8) must be zero

We set both equal to zero, because either value for d will be correct.

d+3/4=0   d= -3/4

d+5/8=0   d= -5/8

So the answer is d= -3/4 or d= -5/8