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what is 1/3 - (5/3)

ive tryed to figer it out but cant get the awnser to it

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Since the denominators (the numbers at the bottom) are the same (they are both 3's) all you have to do is subtract the top numbers and leave the bottom the same:

so for the top you get: 1-5 = -4

and the bottom stays the same:3

final answer: -4/3

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Just think of having one slice of a pizza (1/3 is the size) and you've got 5 friends you want to feed. You want to give away five pieces, but you only have one. So how many friends will get a piece? (Just one, right?). How many friends will NOT get a slice? (The other four, right?) So four friends WON'T get a slice, or in matematical terms...-4 friends will get a slice (- means not). The 1/3 is the size, so the answer is -4/3. Four friends will not (-) get a slice of the size 1/3. When the "size" of the slice is the same, you can simple just add or subtract the number of slices (or the top digit, numerator). Remember that an equal "size" refers to the denominator (or bottom digit) of the fractions being the same. Always draw pictures and relate it to real-life when you can. Hope that helped make it real for you.

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Because you have the same denominator you don't have to worry about multiplying either fraction. When you subtract your denominator will remaim the same, so for this problem 3. Then just take the top #s and subtract, 1 - 5 = -4 Put the top and bottom portions together and you get -4/3 If you need to change into a mixed number verses an improper fraction you get -1 and 1/3. Below is just the math but no words 1 - 5 = -4 = -1 1 3 3 3 3


Sorry the formating for the end didn't work out as I had hoped. I will try again here

Whole: (1/3) - (5/3) 

Top: 1 - 5 = -4

Bottom:  stays a 3

Back together: -4/3

Mixed number: -1 1/3