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when you have a parentheses and an exponent outside the parethesis do you do the parenthesis first?

Do you do parenthesis first or exponenst?


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Michelle...I'm sure you've had this before...but remember PEMDAS...which stands for Parenthesis.....Exponent...Multiplication...Division...Addition... and finally Subtraction...always solving a multiple function/operation equation from left to the right. Write PEMDAS on your notebook...paste it into memory...because once you learn will be the for your complete the operation/problem inside the parenthesis first...if there are exponents outside of the parenthesis. However, if there are exponents inside the do whatever is inside the parenthesis...which means sometimes completing the exponent...AS LONG AS IT IS INSIDE THE PARENTHESIS. Hope this helps...good luck

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Yes, evaluate what is inside the parentheses before raising it to a power.