Dalia S.

asked • 10/13/14

what is the voltage of the battery?

When a battery is connected to the plates of a 3.00-uF capacitor, it stores a change of 27.0 uC.
a) What is the voltage of the battery?
(b) if the same capacitor is connected to another battery and 36.0 uC of charge is stored on the capacitor, what is the voltage of the battery?

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Byron S. answered • 10/13/14

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Dalia S.

I'm getting 9 000 000 for part a, i just want to make sure i am doing the conversion right
is it is 27.0/3.00x10^-6?, the only one i have to convert is the capacitor?


Byron S.

Both Q and C you need to include the 10-6, since both of their units have μ (μC and μF). Then you'll get 9.00 V. The same will be true for part (b) as well, since again both values have μ units.


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