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Circuits In Parallel Physics


Physics Parallel Question Helpp

15. A 12 V battery, an ammeter, a 5.0 A fuse (which will burn out if more than 5.0 A of current is in the circuit), and several 10.0 lamps are used in an experiment to find the effect of connecting... more
Circuits In Parallel Resistance


How do I calculate the value of one resistor in parallel?

                                     +          -                ___________o   24V   o__________               |                                                     |               |          ... more
Circuits In Parallel Physics Series Physics B


physics question hard??

Two light circuits with identical lightbulbs. One has two lightbulbs in parallel. Other has them in series.Student 1 says series will glow brighter cuz the same current goes to both... more
Circuits In Parallel Physics Circuit Circuits


physics question????

A circuit with a 100 ohm resistor, followed by a parallel wiring with two 100 ohm resistors. What happens to the potential difference along a parallel resistor if the other one is removed.


Equivalent Capactiance and Expression for Uncertainty

How do I determine an expression for the uncertainty of the equivalent capacitance of this circuit? I know that circuits in series are 1/Ceq = 1/C1 + 1/C2 ect. I know that circuits in parallel... more

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