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When voltage increases why does current.

In a dc circuit, where a power supply connected into a circuit containing an amp meter, when you crank up the voltage of the power supply the reading of the amp meter also increases. With the... more


Capacitors in Combination-Find Each Charge

C1 and C2 are capacitors in parallel. C3 is in series with C12. C1=16.6 microF, C2=8.2 microF, C3=0.3 microF. A 1.52 V battery is connected in this combination. Find the charge stored on each... more


physics question hard??

Two light circuits with identical lightbulbs. One has two lightbulbs in parallel. Other has them in series.Student 1 says series will glow brighter cuz the same current goes to both... more


I have a question about a coaxial power cable equations

A coaxial power cable has a central wire with radius R1=0.26 centimeters. It is insulated from a surrounding shield with inside radius R2= 2 centimeters. The maximum voltage the cable can withstand... more


what is the voltage of the battery?

When a battery is connected to the plates of a 3.00-uF capacitor, it stores a change of 27.0 uC. a) What is the voltage of the battery?   (b) if the same capacitor is connected to another... more

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