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What are the equilibrium concentrations of each half cell?

In the concentration cell shown below, what will be theconcentration of Ni2+ in each half cell when equilibrium isreached?            salt bridge  _________________  |                           ... more


what cause the battry light to stay on on a 2007 toyota camry LE 2.4L

I replace the alternator 2 time the voltage is 13.8 at idle when I turn the head lights and heater on the volts drop to 13.6 at idle what the voltage suppose to be at idle?


Physic ( Battery work ? )

Dear teacher . I have a question : A battery has a negative end ( I dont know if end is a right word ? ) and a positive end . From what i have heard that there was difference in amount of... more


physics question hard??

Two light circuits with identical lightbulbs. One has two lightbulbs in parallel. Other has them in series.Student 1 says series will glow brighter cuz the same current goes to both... more


Find the energy stored in this capacitance

Two capacitors, c1= 18.0 uF and c2=36.0 uF are connected in series and a 12.0-V battery is connected across the two capacitors.    a) find the equivalent capacitance  b) find the energy stored... more


what is the voltage of the battery?

When a battery is connected to the plates of a 3.00-uF capacitor, it stores a change of 27.0 uC. a) What is the voltage of the battery?   (b) if the same capacitor is connected to another... more

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