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t=u+v divided by 2

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1 Answer

I assume the equation as follows:

t = (U + V)/2

We need to isolate U. To do that we must first deal with the divisor of 2 by getting it to the left hand side (LHS) of the equation. The operation occurring between the quantity (U + V) and the 2 is division, so we do the opposite operation, always remembering that to keep the equality true, what we do to one side we do to the other. Let's multiply both sides by 2.

2*t = 2*(U + V)/2

You should see that the 2's cancel each other out on the RHS to give:

2t = U + V (note we can drop the parentheses now)

Now, let's subtract V from the RHS so we can move it to the LHS:

2t - V = U + V - V

V - V on the RHS goes to zero, so we are left with:

2t - V = U