Izzy W.

asked • 06/10/18

I need help with a geometry proof.

Given: segment AC is congruent to segment to segment EC and segment AE is perpendicular to segment FG.
Prove: Circle A is congruent to circle E

Kenneth S.

More description of the figure involved is required!


Izzy W.

There are two circles that overlap(like a venn diagram) and then there is a segment(AE) that goes ends at the center of each diagram. The center of the diagram is point C. The point where segment AE intersects with one end of one cirlce is point B and where is intersencts the other circle is point E. The other segment(FG) goes from the top where the two circles intersect to the bottom(like in the overlapping part of the venn diagram). Does that make sense? Is there any way to draw a picture?


1 Expert Answer


Andy C. answered • 06/10/18

Math/Physics Tutor

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