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Rachel bought one double pack of Cds for $20. This is $4 less than 3/4 the cost of a triple pack of Cds. What is the price of a Triple pack of CDs?

Could you show steps on how you solved? I've been having trouble.

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Kevin S. |
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Let x= the cost of the triple pack of CDs. A few key words we want to pay attention to are:
is means equals
less than means subtraction
of means multiplication. 

So the double pack for $20 is (=) $4 less than (-4) + 3/4 the cost of (*) the triple pack (x)

Removing the words, we get 20 = -4 + (3/4)x or 20 = (3/4) x - 4

That should get you started. Solve for x.