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Danielle O.

asked • 03/16/18

What do I do when a exponent is outside a penthouse and what’s the distance when there’s no parentheses?

 What is the difference between a number inside a print to see‘s with a exponent on the outside and between there be an in just a number with an exponent 

Edward A.

I‘d guess that Danielle dictated her question, and the software converted “parenthesis” to “penthouse” and also to “print to see’s”.
Danielle, parentheses help holding things together that would otherwise be separated.
For example, (2x)3 is different from 2x3
(2x)3 means “multiply 2 times x AND THEN raise that to the third power”
2x3 means “raise x to the third powerAND THEN multiply by 2”
These are different. Put any number in for “x” in these two expressions, and see that they’re different. Try 4.
Does this help?


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