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How to do this step by step.

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Janesha J. | Math and Science Tutor: Patient, Helpful, EncouragingMath and Science Tutor: Patient, Helpful...

-4(1-t) + 7t

Multiply/Factor out -4 into whats in the parenthesis

-4(1-t) ---> (-4) x (1)   (-4) x (-t)


(-4) x (1) ---> -4     (-4) x (-t) ---> 4t (negative times a negative is a positive)

So now your problem reads -4 + 4t + 7t

Combine like terms

-4 + 4t + 7t ---> -4 + 11t


11t - 4   or   -4 + 11t  (answers are same. It depends on how your answer choice is and usually variables are written first)


Benjamin B. | Math Tutor BenjaminMath Tutor Benjamin

since there was no exact description to the problem, i am assuming that your are looking to simplify this equation:

step 1: multiply the -4 through the contents of the parenthesis 

  -4(1-t) ..... (-4*1)+(-4*-t) ..... (-4+4t)

step 2: once you've done that you add what you have found to the rest of the equation 7t


step 3: combine like terms 7t+4t = 11t

step 4: you are left with 11t-4